GFPT Public Company Limited
We are aware of social responsibility and environmental friendliness for good planet. Our ambition to do more with less by maximizing efficient use of our natural resources such as air, water and land to produce quality chicken products as well as reducing waste generated during production processes.
Sustainability Development
Sustainability Development
Sustainability development planning was established as a guideline for sustainable business development by considering business policy, based on good governance and risk management plans in order to create values in aspect of economy, society, and environment. The Nomination Remuneration and Governance Committee is responsible for monitoring performance of sustainability development and reporting to the Board of Directors.
Sustainability Development Planning
The Company has developed, encouraged and re-evaluated to improve its business direction and management approach to place high consideration to the importance of each group of stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, communities, and the environment in order to achieve the business goals and lead to a sustainable development.
Animal Welfare
Our chicken farms have followed the standard practices for agricultural animals (Good Agriculture Practices: GAP) as well as standard for agricultural products in regards to animal welfare practice, land transportation by the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
Food Quality and Food Safety
As a leading integrated chicken producer, GFPT proactively emphasizes on “food safety and food quality” throughout our food chain as it is essential to our business operations. We demonstrate our commitment to food quality and safety.
Being a Quality Workplace
The Company is committed to treat its employees equally, to provide decent working conditions, to offer appropriate benefits, and to provide fair treatment to its employees at all level. Supervisors must be good role model and dependable to its subordinates. The Company also promotes employee engagement activity to establish good relationships.
Socially Responsible Business for its Community
GFPT sets the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) under the ethical principles to be fair for all stakeholders.
Eco-friendly Business
The Company committed to produce products and services with good quality, realized use of resources and environment impact; hence, the Company purposed to manage environment as follow; “Reduce resources usage, environmental protection, strictly comply with law and regulation and cultivate environmental awareness and social responsibility”.
Good Governance and in Accordance to the Code of Ethics
GFPT realizes importance of good corporate governance and believes that a good management system, a Board of Directors and executives with vision and responsibility, a control mechanism, a balance of power for transparency and accountability.