GFPT Public Company Limited
We commit to provide consumers safe and good tasting food produced in a safe work environment.
About Us
About GFPT
GFPT Public Company Limited (“GFPT”) founded in 1981 and became a public company in 1994. GFPT is the parent company of the Group who operates chicken production and distribution of frozen chicken meat, processed chicken, and its by-products under the customers’ and the company’s brand names for both domestic and overseas.
About the Company
With more than 30 years in the of chicken meat processing industry, the Company presently owns 5 subsidiaries and 2 joint venture companies all under the name of “GFPT Group” mainly conducting agriculture business focusing on fully vertical integrated chicken production starting from feed mill, grandparent chicken farm, parent chicken farm, broiler farm, hatchery farm, chicken evisceration and chicken processing, and processed food production.
feed mill
chicken farm
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evisceration and
processed food
food production
Registered in 1981 the name of General Foods Poultry (Thai) Company Limited in the of chicken meat processing industry
Our Chicken Farm
We are committed to uphold good farm management practices
with strict bio-security help preventing disease transmission.