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Cookies Policy
Cookies Policy
GFPT Group uses cookies to help distinguish you from other users of this website and help us to improve the quality of website to give you a good experience when visiting our website. So we have published a Cookie Policy to explain that “What are cookies?” “How do we use cookies on our website?” including how to manage cookies If you do not agree with the work of the cookies as follows
What are Cookies?
Cookies are small files that contain text and the numbers that will be installed or save to your device while you visit our website. Cookies remember your usage of the website, such as saving your device language settings information, usage status record collection of your favorite usage history to make it easy to search for content from the website and to make your use meet your needs. Cookies cannot be used to transmit viruses and cannot help us access the hard drive or any information on your device.
How Do We Use Cookies on Our Website?
We use cookies when you visit our website. we classify cookies according to Characteristics of use as follows:
How to manage cookies?
You can turn off cookies by setting up your browser and privacy to suppress collection of information by cookies but be aware that if you set up your browser to block all cookies (including essential functional cookies), you may not be able to access all or part of our websites.