GFPT Public Company Limited
Strict quality control and commitment to good manufacturing practices help us make food products which are compelling, delicious, and healthy.
Food Quality and Food Safety.
Responsibility towards Customers
As a leading integrated chicken producer, GFPT proactively emphasizes on “food safety and food quality” throughout our food chain as it is essential to our business operations. We demonstrate our commitment to food quality and safety through various dimensions including: knowledge and capable personnel, and rigorous quality assurance measures at every step of the food chain starting from feed materials to finished products. We also communicate with responsibility in order to promote healthy diet.
Food Quality and Safety throughout our Food Chain
The Company emphasizes on quality and safety of our feed ingredients and finished products. We implement rigorous feed-to-food quality system in our integrated chicken production starting from feed mill, chicken farm, and chicken processing. We set stringent quality measures on both physical and biological at every steps including sourcing feed materials, production, transportation, and distribution, in order to assure that our chicken meat products are safe.