GFPT Public Company Limited
Press Release
Dr. Boonkwan Wongyunoi, Academic Affairs Director of Krungthai Farm Co., Ltd., welcomed Dr. Takahiro Shirakawa, the officer of the Ministry of Agriculture , Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) along with Mr. Chavana Thongyen, Acting Livestock Manager, Chonburi Province, medical doctor Thiti Antarasen and colleagues from the Bureau of Livestock Product Standards Development and Certification, Department of Livestock Development to visit the process of raising broiler chickens at M.K.S. Farm Co., Ltd. (Mappu), which is an air-conditioned closed house that meets biosecurity standards (Biosecurity Management) which focuses on raising chickens according to the animal welfare principles of GFPT Group Public Company Limited on February 24, 2023.