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Policies Complaint

Complainants can complain by sending the Audit Committee details of complaint, name, address, and telephone number via 2 channels as follows:

Complaint Channel
We provide a channel for complaints to our employees. We set the process to perform when receiving a complaint as well as provide protection and confidentiality of the complainants and informants.
  1. Complaint box in the factory
  2. Intranet website of the Company at gf-intranet in which, this complaint will be sent directly to Human Resources Department to forward to the Audit Committee
Action after Receive the Complaint
Once we received the complaint, the Audit Committee will consider the complaint and inform the relevant parties to investigate facts about the complaint and resolve the complaint appropriately. The Audit Committee will periodically monitor the progress of complaint. The relevant parties will notify the result to the complainant within a reasonable period. The Audit Committee shall report to the Board of Directors.

Protection and Confidentiality of the Complainant
To protect the rights of complainant and relevant informants who acts in good faith, the Company shall keep all information of complainants and informants in confidentiality. Only the persons who are responsible in conducting inspection about the complaints can have access to such information. The assigned persons to handling the complaint are responsible for keeping all information regarding the complaint, relevant documents as confidential and shall not disclose such information to other persons unless the disclosure is required by laws.
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