GFPT Public Company Limited
GFPT strives to be a leading chicken meat exporter with its fully vertical integrated chicken production

GFPT outlined its 7 mission statements to achieve the best practice in food production. The Company’s strategies are crafted to serve its missions as follows:
Enhance product quality to international standards
Strategy : Selecting the finest raw materials in our food processing factory and placing strictly control in all production processes to ensure that our chicken products meet international standards and are valued by both domestic and international customers.
Achieve confidence through the traceability system
Strategy : With our traceability system in place, we can be fully confident to ensure that our products are safe before being delivered to the consumers.
New product development using modern technology
Strategy : Continuously conducting research and development for new products in addition to adopting advanced technologies to constantly expand its business.
Empowering personnel to become the expert
Strategy : Encourage the development of each personnel’s capabilities in all divisions to become experts in their field of operation and to establish long term stability by creating confidence in a better quality of life with the Company which shall in turn lead the Company to the international level.
Be attentive to the customers’ needs to ensure their highest satisfaction
Strategy : Be attentive to the customers’ needs as well as offering products which meets international standards at a fair pricing policy.
Build long term relationship with business partners
Strategy : Establish good relationship on the foundation of trust and fairness to maintain long term business cooperation.
Build awareness and be responsible towards the society and environment
Strategy : Establish good principle of morality and an awareness of a responsibility towards the society and environment; maintain a balance between the impact on the environment, society, and economic profits to achieve a sustainable growth of our business.

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