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Annual Report 2020
56-1 One Report
This site covers annual report combined financial report, covering environmental, social and corporate governance performance in 2020
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"Good Food" comes from value chain that we all work together to create every process for "Sustainable Happiness"
Message from the Chairman
In 2021, it will be another challenging year for “GFPT”. We will grow steadily together with returning to our stakeholders in all aspects, as our potential and determination of being the “Good Chicken Producer” which trusted by both domestic and international customers. The Company would like to assure that we will grow steadily as well as achieve its ultimate goal of sustained growth.
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Driving for Sustainability
The Company has a policy to carry out its business by placing importance on all stakeholders under the framework of good corporate governance, business ethics, and compliance to the laws and relevant regulations. We provide communication channels to all stakeholders to gain better understand of their needs and expectations in order for the Company and its stakeholders to sustainably co-exist and to balance aspects of economic, social, and environmental factors.
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Shareholder Meeting
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